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What Does it Cost?

Rates & Insurance


$175.00 for an assessment
$125.00 for an individual session
$170.00 for a family session
$40.00  per person per group


I take most insurance plans offered in Arkansas.
Do read the eight reasons listed below for not using your insurance.

Eight real good reasons not to use insurance:

  1. possible conflict of interest between what therapies insurance will reimburse and what you really need;
  2. limited choices on therapists and the types of therapy;
  3. they often ignore professional expertise vs favored short-term therapists;
  4. advocacy for you is considered unfriendly to insurance companies;
  5. to maintain privacy from insurance gatekeepers and others;
  6. they often cover medication management only instead of in conjunction with therapy;
  7. saves time in justifying your treatment to your insurance company; and
  8. I know what’s better for you because I actually treat you.


I take cash,checks,credit cards and debit cards.
I give a 10% discount for cash.

Cancellation Policy

If you reserve a time and so not show up for your appointment and have not given 24 hours notice of cancellation you will be billed $ 100.00.

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